Wednesday, February 9, 2011


General obligation to maintain property
5. Properties must be maintained so that they do not substantially depreciate the value of other land and buildings in the vicinity.

The City has invested a lot of time and resources over the last few years in making amazing improvements to the Central Park area (in terms of safety, aesthetics, patrolling and meeting practical neighbourhood needs) much to the appreciation of the many families and individuals residing in the community. The city block along the north border of Central Park (Cumberland Avenue between Carlton and Gertie) is occupied by three residential buildings: 427 Cumberland (built in 1953), 411 Cumberland (built in 1963), and 435 Cumberland (built in 2005 and managed by Murdoch Management Inc). The two “veterans” on the block maintain their property with regular clean up of debris, weed control/lawn care, maintenance of the dumpster areas, etc. The newest member of the block – 435 Cumberland – has a tract of land running along the East side of their building (spanning from Cumberland Avenue right to the back lane) which is “out of sight and out of mind” to onsite maintenance staff and to Murdoch. It is an ongoing eyesore in a community which has taken great strides to re-establish itself, once again, as a beautiful, inviting, and safe part of Winnipeg.

In the last few years that the Brauns have lived in (and purchased in June 2009) the neighbouring 427 Cumberland property, this tract of land has been completely ignored by the owners/property management company. In fact, when the Brauns first approached Murdoch in July 2009 about their concerns, the manager at the time, Lindsay Stewart, was not even aware that this tract of land existed.

The Brauns approached the site manager at 411 Cumberland to request a meeting to discuss graffiti on their buildings. Before even having the meeting, their board had already approved the cleanup, hired a private contractor, and completed the work. In contrast, the Brauns approached Murdoch about graffiti clean-up, did the leg-work to find a free graffiti-cleanup program, and hand delivered the waiver. Murdoch acknowledged being familiar with such programs, expressed concern over timely follow through, but hesitantly signed the waiver, allowing the graffiti to be cleaned up. West End Biz completed the work immediately and continues to monitor and remove any new tagging.


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