Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Duty of business owners

57. The owner of a business that sells food or drinks in containers or papers must collect and dispose of the containers and papers discarded on the premises or on adjoining public or private land within a distance of 100 metres of the businesses.

435 Cumberland has a hall on the main level which is rented out for various functions (Folklorama, events, dances, etc.). There are two doors/fire exits that come directly out of the hall onto the tract of land and which are often open in the summer during these functions. Inevitably during and after such a function there are Styrofoam plates, cups, napkins etc. littered everywhere either by function attendees who ate/smoked outside the fire exits or by garbage bags that were either not properly tied or left on the ground near the dumpster and afterwards opened up by street people. In addition, the dumpster is usually overflowing after these events. The Brauns have, on many occasions, called Murdoch to schedule an extra garbage pick up after a function has resulted in an overflowing dumpster. Apparently function renters are responsible for proper disposal of all their garbage but this is not reinforced by Murdoch. This debris ends up on the adjacent 427 Cumberland property.

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