Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Other Concerns continued…..

Tenant safety: Tenants of 427 Cumberland have to walk by these groups of inebriated people calling out to them from the bench (which is only four meters away), in order to get to the parking lot or the back lane. This is a daily occurrence and can be very intimidating, especially for our female tenants, as well as for the regular guests hosted in our building (427 Cumberland houses a not-for-profit guest suite that accommodates visitors to Winnipeg such as student doctors, business people, family members caring for loved ones at Health Sciences and others. Potential guests have actually decided against staying in the guest suite due to the “welcoming efforts” of patrons on the pad).

427 Cumberland property security: The constant presence of people hanging out on the pad who are “under the influence”, poses security risks to 427 Cumberland (as well as 435 Cumberland as attested by all the graffiti that was finally cleaned up in 2010). For example, one summer night in 2010, partiers on the pad smashed a discarded porcelain saucer against one of the cars parked behind 427 Cumberland. In terms of graffiti, 427 Cumberland has had no graffiti of any kind in the last twelve years, except for tagging on the fence between 427 and 435 Cumberland, on the side facing 435 Cumberland. There is also a fence board that has to be repeatedly reaffixed because party-ers dislodge it.

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