Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Other Concerns Impacting Neighbouring Properties – “The Pad”

The Brauns biggest safety concern for their building and tenants centres on an unassuming concrete pad located on the north end of 453 Cumberland’s tact of land. This pad appears to have been built, but never used, for the dumpster (the pad’s placement makes it impossible for BFI’s front loading dump trucks to access a dumpster sitting on the pad so instead, the dumpster sits alongside the back lane, beside the pad). There is a concrete abutment along the building (probably to protect the building from damage from the dumpster) which is a very attractive “bench” and hangout for street people and drunks who are coming and going to the nearby Balmoral Hotel and beer store. This bench, which is sheltered by 435 Cumberland and partially hidden by the dumpster and neighbouring fence, can seat several people at once and directly faces the parking lot and main entrance of the neighbouring 427 Cumberland. Groups of “pad patrons” take turns throughout the day using the pad in whatever way they like (drinking alcohol, sniffing, passing out, getting together with their friends, having domestic disputes etc.). The West End Biz Patrol, the Winnipeg police and the neighbouring building tenants/owners can attest to the ongoing illegal activities that go on at “the pad” belonging to 435 Cumberland.


  1. Not good!The Government must do something about this "pad patrons". Suppose to be they are the one who will make a good example.