Wednesday, February 9, 2011

PART 5 - NOISE CONTROL - Noise nuisance prohibited

67(1) Except to the extent permitted under this By-law, a person must not make or continue, orcause to be made or continued, or own or harbour an animal that makes:
(a) an unreasonably loud, unnecessary or excessive noise or sound;
(b) a noise or sound which unreasonably disturbs, injures or endangers the comfort, repose, health, peace or safety of a reasonable individual of ordinary sensitivity; or
(c) a noise or sound which is so harsh, prolongued, unnatural or unusual in time and place so as to occasion unreasonable discomfort to any individual or so as to detrimentally affect residential properties or places of business. [“nuisance” means any condition, matter, thing or activity, other than a noise or sound regulated by Part 5 (Noise Control), which causes undue annoyance or offence to a reasonable individual of ordinary sensitivity occupying adjacent properties or dwelling units or living in the neighbourhood]

 The Brauns have witnessed “pad patrons” (see next page for explanation) yelling, crying, swearing, fighting and carousing at all hours of the day and night thereby disturbing our tenants. One of the tenants from 427 Cumberland has actually seen a tenant from 435 Cumberland open their window (high above the pad) and dump water on the pad patrons in an effort to get them to be quiet and leave.

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