Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Possible Solutions?

The Brauns have been meeting with and calling Murdoch regularly since July 2009. Interaction between the two parties has always been courteous and professional with Murdoch even showing concern for these issues. The Brauns have not only documented and pointed out the various problems, they have also presented potential solutions with a willingness to put money and resources towards bringing about the solutions. Unfortunately not one solution has been accepted by Murdoch to date, nor have they followed through on the few solutions they have suggested.

The following are some of the solutions we have suggested (with Murdoch’s response included):

* Jack hammer the pad (would cost $600; not approved; not in the budget);

* Jack hammer the bench - Brauns would provide the manpower and equipment if Murdoch covered the $100 equipment rental cost (removing the bench may affect the building in some unsubstantiated way) ;

* Close off the tract of land thoroughfare with a fence on the North & South ends – Brauns to provide finances and/or do the actual work (not possible - door closest to the pad is a fire exit that cannot be closed off to back lane);

* Get BFI to provide a side loading dumpster so that the pad can be used for what it was intended (BFI is phasing out side loading dumpsters over the next five years and so will no longer issue side loading dumpsters);

* Switch to City of Winnipeg garbage service so that a side loading dumpster can be placed on the pad and oversized garbage can be picked up at no charge (we are in a Free Pickup zone). Ironically, the Braun’s side loading City Autobin - which sits right next to the 435 Cumberland BFI bin - is picked up by a BFI side loading truck each week, and the City has confirmed there are definitely no plans to switch to another type of bin (to-date no response from Murdoch).

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