Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Properties must be kept free of garbage

6(1) Garbage must not be allowed to accumulate upon a property.

The tract of land in question is the only thoroughfare on the block between Cumberland Avenue and the back lane and so many people walk through leaving garbage as they go. The wind blows in additional debris which becomes lodged among the weeds lining the land. On the back lane end, furniture is also discarded next to the dumpster on a regular basis, by 435 Cumberland tenants, and will sit for weeks, completely ignored by property management (during which time it is vandalized and the resulting debris strewn about the back lane), until the Brauns call Murdoch to let them know of the problem (even then, reminder calls are required). The onsite custodian does not deal with this ongoing issue.

For example: November 10 – two small pieces of furniture were discarded behind 435 Cumberland. November 16 - Brauns left a message with Ben Hnatiw - the new property manager at Murdoch - about the furniture. A few days later the furniture was still there but had by then been broken up into multiple pieces. November 20 - the broken furniture was still there and a sofabed was added. November 23 - Brauns called Ben about the sofabed, who said he would try to get it cleaned up by the end of the day. November 24 - the furniture was cleaned up. The Brauns have seen some quick responses from Murdoch to their calls about garbage needing to be cleaned up, but the problem is that action only ensues when the Brauns call Murdoch, often needing to call multiple times; the onsite custodian does not take any responsibility for dealing with discarded furniture.

In addition to the usual type of garbage that accumulates, the Brauns have also found human excrement on the tract of land (the defecation place of preference seems to be on the 427 Cumberland property line). If it wasn’t immediately removed by the Brauns, it would continue to accumulate in violation of the By-Law.

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