Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Remedial Action (by the Brauns)

In waiting for action/resolutions from Murdoch, the Brauns have resorted to the following to temporarily deal with the problem and protect their tenants and property:

*Get the pad patron’s attention and take photos of them from 427 Cumberland entrance – sometimes this causes them to leave, sometimes they just smile and wave for the camera or just yell at us.

* Call West End and Downtown Biz Patrols to come deal with the patrons (often by the time they arrive the group in question has moved on).

* Approach the patrons in person and advise them that if they want to drink alcohol, to do so elsewhere.

* Go out and do work near the pad (eg. pick up litter in the 427 Cumberland parking lot, pull weeds, or sit in the car); sometimes patrons leave when other people are hanging around nearby.

* When driving up at night and there are people on the pad, lean on the horn until they leave.

* Pour sticky or wet substances on the bench to dissuade patrons from sitting down (gets washed away by the rain).

* Had a “Mosquito” device built (at our own cost) which generates an irritating high pitched sound (but the snow came before we could mount and test it).

* Pull up 435 Cumberland weeds when they start to seed to try to minimize spreading to 427 Cumberland.

* Clean up garbage on the pad/around dumpster especially when prospective guests come to look at the guest suite.) Etc...

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