Thursday, March 17, 2011

By-law warning

We waited until March 15th, to see if anything would happen. We have taken photographs during this time and are able to show that nothing has been done. In fact furniture and garbage started to accumulate the very first day after our meeting with Murdoch, and continued to pile up and migrate onto our property since then, from garbage bags that were left on the ground and ripped open, and a broken boxspring mattress made it's way to the middle of my parking lot. I dragged it back to their property and left it with the other furniture. In short, no changes since our meeting, or since the order.

Community By-law Enforcement Services says:

The next steps are issuing a warning letter (as per the Winnipeg Charter) to the property owners/management company stating if this is not completed prior to [a certain date] the city will arrange to have the garbage removed from the property and the costs of the removal added to their tax bill.

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