Friday, April 29, 2011

A guy so drunk, he's not allowed in the drunk tank

Well this has been an exciting morning already, with a party happening first thing in the morning. The individual pictured was happy to have his picture taken.

They eventually left, but one of the participants was so drunk that he fell over and couldn't move.   The guy had a gash on his head, and his mouth was black, he almost looked dead. All he could do was turn his head and lift one arm, so I called 911 immediately. The first responders came and told me that this individual was so drunk that he wasn't allowed to go to the drunk tank, he had to go to the hospital.
I will be making more police reports about this and tracking each incident as I am able.


  1. Dude, another episode of Winnipeg's councillors asleep on the job. Wake him up so he can break things or set dumpsters on fire.

  2. I have been informed that the term "Winnipeg's councillors" is an alternate term for "drunk bum that doesn't do any work". I wish to make it clear that in our dealings with Murdoch Management over two years, I was not able to gain one inch of ground, until I involved my city councillor's office here in our third year. Now things are happening, due to the work done by the people in the councillor's office, and I'm really happy to have them helping me out.