Friday, April 29, 2011

So many parties!

There were so many people drinking here yesterday at Murdoch's property that I hardly know where to begin with documenting this stuff. So I'll just put up a random sampling of pictures.


  1. You're approaching this all wrong. You should approach the government for a TV grant and start a show on APTN called the 'Sniff Family Robinson'.

    That or hand out applications for jobs there and watch them run for the hills.

  2. I understand this commenter is implying that these are all aboriginal homeless bums and so on. Let me be clear in saying that under no circumstances have we ever stated this in any of our documentation. We know for a fact that there are a variety of people who are causing problems here, it is not just aboriginals, and it is not all homeless people. We've had our share of white people, people with jobs, and some spanish people as well. For a while, we had problems with professional painters coming here to smoke weed every day. And the cops have come sometimes to tell the drinkers to go drink in their homes, not on our property. I can't imagine why people come to our properties, when they actually have homes to go to!