Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damage done to our property by drunk on City Oasis property

WPS Incident number C11-128888.

Here is a guy who came to drink between City Oasis and our building last night. I took one picture of him and he immediately approached me with verbal threats, so I quickly went back in our west entrance. He started hitting our door with something, I saw some marks on the door the next day. He also broke one of the glass windows at our west entrance, and took a piece of rock and some acousta-seal and put it on one of the cars in our parking lot. This car has also been damaged earlier this year by people drinking on the pad, throwing stuff on our property and at this car. Here is the guy who caused the damage last night:

I don't have pictures of him drinking, but we did find his King Can after he left.
Here is the window he broke:

Here is the car that he vandalised:

So we are continuing to document this stuff to bring to my lawyer. The last time I talked to him about this, he said nothing can really be done until some damage has been done to our property, then it's legally considered a nuisance. And that milestone has now been reached.

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Purpose of this website

I just wanted to write a bit to reiterate the purpose of this website. Murdoch Management seems either unwilling to work with us on the problems at City Oasis, 435 Cumberland Ave (a property they are managing), or for some other unknown reason have no desire to solve the problems on their property. They have, in the past, even been unwilling to look at free solutions that we brought to them, where no work was required on their part. I really can not understand why Murdoch seems so resistant to doing anything.

In our reports that we have filed with various agencies, we noted how our other neighbours, 411 Cumberland, were extremely co-operative. When I asked the management at 411 about meeting with them about graffiti, they cleaned up the graffiti immediately before we could even meet! And they didn't use the free options either, they actually paid somebody to do it.

So the purpose of this website is to continue to document the problems at 435 Cumberland Ave, and to have it posted in a place that is accessible to our tenants here at 427 Cumberland Ave, so that our tenants know that we are actually trying hard to deal with these problems, and we are not just ignoring them. I have also been able to show this website to various agencies whose services I have enlisted in trying to deal with these problems, most notably, the Winnipeg Police, the City of Winnipeg Community Bylaw Enforcement, and the Manitoba Liquor Control Commission.

There seems to be better response now from Murdoch Management about garbage cleanup. This can be directly attributed to the City of Winnipeg Community Bylaw Enforcement Services getting on Murdoch's case and telling them to either clean up their own garbage, or the City will clean it up for them, and bill them for the trouble. I talked to the police lately, and they said they can do the same thing with the weeds between our building that are encroaching onto our property (427 Cumberland Ave). But there has been absolutely no movement regarding the drinking between our buildings. I continue to take pictures every single day.

Thanks very much to Chris for helping us work with the City of Winnipeg!


Friday, June 3, 2011

Police came for a visit today

Well there's been lots of stuff going on here, we've taken lots of pictures, I got chased by a couple of guys, but we haven't had time to post anything online lately. The police from Division 11 Community Support came by today, thanks very much to Harvey Smith's office for helping to arrange this, we talked about several aspects of the problems here on the east side of 435 Cumberland Ave, City Oasis. It was a very good chat, and they said I could call any time, and there may be times when they can send a car over very quickly.

Pics of guys who were upset with their pictures being taken. They are regulars here. The police advised that Community Bylaw Enforcement is also able to come and cut down the weeds on the east side of their building, and send the bill to Murdoch Management, so we'll be checking out that avenue now as well. I'm starting to get upset at the fact that I am spending so much time taking pictures, sorting them, and documenting these problems. Janine is not happy about the amount of time we've wasted doing this stuff as well.