Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Damage done to our property by drunk on City Oasis property

WPS Incident number C11-128888.

Here is a guy who came to drink between City Oasis and our building last night. I took one picture of him and he immediately approached me with verbal threats, so I quickly went back in our west entrance. He started hitting our door with something, I saw some marks on the door the next day. He also broke one of the glass windows at our west entrance, and took a piece of rock and some acousta-seal and put it on one of the cars in our parking lot. This car has also been damaged earlier this year by people drinking on the pad, throwing stuff on our property and at this car. Here is the guy who caused the damage last night:

I don't have pictures of him drinking, but we did find his King Can after he left.
Here is the window he broke:

Here is the car that he vandalised:

So we are continuing to document this stuff to bring to my lawyer. The last time I talked to him about this, he said nothing can really be done until some damage has been done to our property, then it's legally considered a nuisance. And that milestone has now been reached.

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