Friday, June 3, 2011

Police came for a visit today

Well there's been lots of stuff going on here, we've taken lots of pictures, I got chased by a couple of guys, but we haven't had time to post anything online lately. The police from Division 11 Community Support came by today, thanks very much to Harvey Smith's office for helping to arrange this, we talked about several aspects of the problems here on the east side of 435 Cumberland Ave, City Oasis. It was a very good chat, and they said I could call any time, and there may be times when they can send a car over very quickly.

Pics of guys who were upset with their pictures being taken. They are regulars here. The police advised that Community Bylaw Enforcement is also able to come and cut down the weeds on the east side of their building, and send the bill to Murdoch Management, so we'll be checking out that avenue now as well. I'm starting to get upset at the fact that I am spending so much time taking pictures, sorting them, and documenting these problems. Janine is not happy about the amount of time we've wasted doing this stuff as well.

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