Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Bed - three weeks - Updated

How can a property be managed if nobody's paying attention? Here's a bed that's been lying there for three weeks. It started near the dumpster/pad, then moved to the middle of this abandoned tract of land behind 435 Cumberland Ave. It got moved around from time to time, at some point it lost it's legs, and then it ended up, torn up, in this position. I thought I'd ignore it for a week. Then I thought I'd give Murdoch Management the benefit of the doubt and leave it for another week. Then I thought I'd see if they took care of it the week after that. But no. Because there is no budget to have someone actually walk around their building to look and see what the needs of the property are.

So what is a person to do about things like this? To quote Murdoch Management, "What is the answer? I don't know. The answer may present itself next week..." We will now be entering our fourth year of trying to work with Murdoch Management to deal with the issues on their property, and at this time, we have no indication that anything productive will be happening at any point. They seem to be waiting for the answer to fall from the sky.

Bed arrived approx Feb 1st. Was removed approx March 19th, for a total of 7 weeks.