Thursday, August 27, 2015

We got tagged today

We got tagged today, I cleaned it up immediately because I will not abide that stuff on my turf.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Carpet and weeds

This carpet showed up shortly after the furniture at the beginning of June. It's now been six weeks. Also Murdoch's weeds are taking over our lawn and garden, we are losing ground.

Historically Murdoch Management has nothing to say other than please advise us of issues; there's no movement toward actually looking out for their own issues on their own property. Murdoch is not aware that the garbage was not entirely cleaned up on July 3, nor have they looked at their weed situation even once this year. There are cameras recording at the location, but in all our years of communication with Murdoch, they have always refused to go refer to their own recordings.

After six years, we don't see Murdoch Management having any intention of watching out for the state of their property. Sometimes things are dealt with when I speak directly with Murdoch, but it's hit and miss (and we have a logbook of all the hits and misses). Murdoch's only solution is for me to report issues to them, I guess it's nice that I'm able to do their legwork so that they don't have to expend their own resources.

Currently we have guests of the Royal Winnipeg Ballet staying at our place, and tourists from Brazil, and we are greatly distressed that they must walk by this filth and trash every day, but as we've said ever since 2009, it's out of sight and out of mind for Murdoch.

In the past, we've had plenty of communication starting in 2009, which has been fruitless and without effect. Our efforts have been exhausted, and it's not reasonable to expect more of the same.

In the future, I may or may not provide warning to your company when I take action, unless Murdoch conceives and implements a plan to care for their property proactively, and not reactively.

Thursday, July 2, 2015

July 1, 2015 - Entertainment unit

It's been a month since the entertainment unit has showed up. It has since been joined by other pieces. A week after it arrived, the glass in the unit was smashed and distributed around the area.

We were pleased to host the Deputy Police Chief of Fargo with his family here at our place for the duration of the FIFA games. We were distressed that he and his family had to walk right by this garbage every day as they were going in and out. This is just one of our many international visitors that come to Central Park... and these are the images that his family took home when they departed.

We had really hoped that Murdoch would have cleaned up their garbage prior to that, but there was no action, which is consistent with their history, as per the previous reports and photos we have submitted.

I will give it a couple more days, and then I will deliver all the garbage to Murdoch Management's office so it will be easier for them to deal with it, and I will invite the media to watch me deliver it.

I don't know if it's incompetency, or lack of management skills, or financial mismanagement, but it breaks my heart to see a lack of care and attention to their own property, to their neighbours, and to the neighbourhood. This is exactly the attitude that is wrong in parts of the city. I continue to hope and pray that we get a responsible management company into 435 Cumberland who will care about their property and seek the welfare of the community.

The next issue we'll deal with are the weeds on 435 Cumberland, they are really high again... not sure if they're by-law high, but they're pretty high.