Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Liveability by-law - weeds at 435 Cumberland Ave

As discussed many time before, Murdoch Management has consistently demonstrated, and continues to demonstrate a disregard and lack of care for the property under their management at 435 Cumberland Ave, ever since the building opened in or around 2005.

Also as discussed before, Murdoch Management has demonstrated that they prefer to wait for an order or complaint to come in before dealing with an issue. In effect I am managing the property on behalf of Murdoch.

The issue at this time is uncontrolled weeds on a part of the property that has been neglected ever since construction. The weeds have never been controlled, unless you call mowing them once per year "controlled". Details, photos, and documentation available upon request.

The weeds are now taking over our lawn at 427 Cumberland Ave. Every year we have less grass and more weeds that migrate from 435 Cumberland to our property.

I'm currently referring only to weeds. The mattresses, furniture, and bags of garbage opened and spread across both of our properties are not the issue I'm focusing on at this moment.

Vegetation on properties
8(1) Plants and vegetation must be kept trimmed so as not to become unsightly.
8(2) Other than on properties zoned for agricultural grazing and feeding and agricultural
cultivation, turf must be kept trimmed to a maximum length of 15 cm (6 inches).
8(3) Noxious weeds must be controlled on all properties.